Mixologist and Sommelier Joseph Potter goes in-depth on what makes these different featured tequilas so special.

My favorite tequila we have here at Cactus is Código 1530 Blanco Rosa. It’s the pure silver tequila that they then rest for one month in uncharred Napa Valley cabernet barrels So the time in barrel adds that nice floral cabernet component to the tequila and it just really enhances the rich agave flavor that naturally is in there. So, what we have here is the Casa Noble Extra Anejo that is a five-year single barrel tequila. Not too many tequila houses are doing a single barrel style so what you get here is a true expression of one truly unique barrel from one of the most prestigious tequila houses in Mexico. So Avion tequila is home to some of the highest elevation agave plants in Mexico. So, what that means is the agave actually takes longer to reach maturity thus giving a amore rich flavor full body tequila. The Avion 44 is aged for 43 months in barrel then from there transferred into smaller petite barrels that imparts more of that oaky flavor because they are rotated daily at that point a well so what you end up with the final product is a very rich seemly aged beyond its declaration type of tequila.

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